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Celebrating Year 6 Writing

Year 6's writing has been inspired by their WAGOLL, which was a retelling of "The Emperor's New Clothes"...

Let us know what you think of our versions!

‘Trouble with The Face’ by Abigail

“As the first ray of light danced upon the ornate kingdom of Orandor, Zara – the duchess step-daughter – pondered over the endless challenges that today would bring. Her step mother, Duchess Anna, who is the most gorges duchess on land (or so she believed) took a good glimpse at Zara.”

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‘The Lord’s New Sword’ by Alison

“As the first beam of sunlight danced upon the tumultuous kingdom of Arendale, the grotesque figure of the lord slumped into his dusty armchair. Lord George the 2 was a portly, stubby man with a greasy complexion and his eyes were as dark as the midnight sky. The lord loved to show off, he likes to buy loads and loads of swords expensive ones (or so they looked).”

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‘Invisible’ by Angela

“As the first ray of the golden light danced upon the kingdom Crownhill, Silvia-the the ladies maid-was reading through the time table for the day. She knew her mistress lady Alexander Alisa Eve would soon arise from her beauty sleep. In Silvia’s eyes her mistress was cold, evil and heartless, however if she ever let her tongue lose she would pay dearly.”

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‘The Elder Lance’ by Brandon

“As the moon sheepishly retreated to its slumber, the sun glared over the intriguing village of Sheldania. Darcy, the stubby, middle aged servant, notorious for causing trouble in any circumstances, was poking the heath imagining her courageous master (or so the master thought.) the butlers and maids were chatting about the subject of their master, Sir Archibald Mathew Gondor. His constant affection towards the legend. The myth of the Elder Lance.”

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‘The Room…’ by Cacia

“As the first ray of the sun descended upon the ostentatious kingdom of Crystal city, a youthful woman of royalty named Duchess Allisa Collin Windsor was a small girl with secrets in her teal blue eyes and her hair flowed down her narrow shoulders (or so she believed). Mary –the scullery maid- stoked the hearth absentmindedly as her mistress- Allisa- awoke from her slumber. Allisa was a dominate character with languid complexion.”

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‘Mirror Dress’ by Caitlin

“As many scrolls speak, the story of the Mirror Dress has been twisted and turned over decades; however this is the true story of Lady Carolina Hearter-Mirrorleaf, AKA Lady CH. The amazing true fable lay beneath your very eyes.”

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‘Lady’s New Throne’ by Claire

“Reader, I dare say you have heard of Lady Rosette Clara- her physique was so slender and her bobbed butterscotch hair covered her dark eyes. All her life she had longed for lustrous hair that would like regal beneath a crown.”

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‘The Necklace’ by Courtney

“Reader, I dare say you have heard of the beautiful figure of a lady. Lady CH who ruled all of her kingdom. While Lady CH was enjoying her doze, the new arrival Violet was prepping the vegetable for the great Sunday lunch. While pondering what challenges laid ahead. Ding Dong. The sound of the bell penetrated the silence.”

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‘The Sultans Jewels’ by Dean

“In an unforgiving land far, far away a Japanese sultan [called sultan Barabradi Arthur Mike] ruled an island called Peleliu. Peleliu was known for its abundance of minerals. The sultan believed that all the minerals belonged to him so he had every mineral put in a highly guarded The sultan was an obsessive man every day and every night he would count up his minerals to ensure his collection was growing as he always wanted more. One late afternoon, as he was counting his minerals, he heard his guards talking the sultan ignored them until he heard one word JEWELS! “Were did you hear this?” questioned the sultan curiously.”                                             

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‘The Countess’ New Mirror’ by Ellie

“As the first bead of light shot the turbulent kingdom .The shining sky’s gleam washed through the countess ostentatious manor. The palace was a monumental residence with stained glass windows and thousands of rooms high. Countess C, as most people like to call her, owns the most glamorous estate! Her life was as successful as any other commoner in Arendele. Her smooth complexions drew servants (especially men). They all praised her.”

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‘The Lady of Envy’ by Fahima

“As the sun set behind the ancient kingdom of Cantenbury blanketing every hill and mountain, Maria (a scullery maid) absentmindedly ironed the bedsheets as she worried about the chores today would bring Maria’s master , lady Margret ~ Anne Elizabeth Hattenburg , was not a role model to her as she was an envy figure. Lady Margret ~Anne’s younger sister Lady Victoria ~ Georgina was the prettiest in the land as she had long butterscotch hair (which was worth a lot) and was gentle, caring figure.”

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‘The Countess’ Mirror’ by Faria

“As folk tales suggest, there was once a Countess who owned over six thousand acres of land. She was idolised as if she was in a higher position than the Queen! Countess Kandinsky was a tall elegant woman, who looked as if she spent hours preening herself. Her face was as pale as the morning sky, and where her heart was meant to be, there was a hollow space with a dark stain like the stain of an old carcass. Naturally, the Countess’ lifestyle showed that she was abnormally rich. However, despite all she had, she was never placatable.”

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‘The Lords New Lance’ by Jake

“Lord Henry the X11 was a courageous broad man, with muscular arms, or so he believed. He had an unattractive face with an ermine suit. Despite this good side of him he still had all the bad points. Lord Henry the X11 lived in an ostentatious Castle in the opulent city of Barrondale.”

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‘When The Wind Changed…’ by Jolie

“As the sun arose from the distant hills, blanketing the opulent manor of Alton village in golden light, maids scuttled and scampered like rats throughout the servants’ quarters. Martha- Karla Mackenzie’s personal assistant- stoked the hearth absentmindedly, the crackling fire’s flames dancing tranquilly. Sultana Roosevelt was a short, rotund figure- with a nose which looked uncanny to a pig’s. Her eyes seemed to flash and glitter with savage laughter. She was a wild animal held in a cage too small for it! Quotidian- she would wrinkle her face, it was dehydrated grape!”

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‘The Countess’ New Look’ by Julia

“Far away, in a turbulent kingdom named Humber Castle, there lived a wealthy Countess unlike any other. Her broken skin complete with scars was only the tip of the iceberg; and as you may think she lived high up in an ostentatious castle. Despite the abundant indulgences at her fingertips, it was never enough to placate the Countess.  She hired many of commoner to do her word. One commoner, who was the antonym of the Countess, was Kelly. Kelly was the kindest, most dainty woman you would ever meet! But, she had no spare dosh… Years after the momentous day Kelly became a commoner, the Countess tormented her as well as she wished to gain the beauty Kelly had.”

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‘The Sir’s New Portal’ by Kadi

“As the sun and moon played peekaboo above the ostentatious palace of Kenta, Sir Alexandra Trai Georgina awoke from his deep slumber, whilst the kitchen maid-Matilda- served him his daily breakfast. He was a courageous man (or so he thought), but through the eyes of the commoners he was just a man with a demanding personality with loneliness eating away his soul.”

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‘The Rare Tuscan Box’ by Lauren

“As the first rays of sunlight danced upon the jubilant kingdom of Jolly Meadow, Lady Violet awoke from her deep slumber. Her sister--the ‘perfect’ Duchess Nancy-- had woken her up, again, by snoring. Violet’s parents blamed it on her (after all, Nancy was the favourite child!) Lady Violet Makenzie Winsor had a narrow figure with jet black hair; her eyes were the colour of coal, whereas, Duchess Nancy Winsor was the complete opposite.”

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‘The Lady’s New Necklace’ by Merrisa

“This is a story from many, many years ago and each time it is read it has been adapted and hears my way of telling the story…

The sun had risen above the distant hills beyond the pleasant kingdom of Calvile, the newest servant at Lady Laura-Jane Alera Thermopolis-Renaldi (also known as Lady Ebony) ostentatious castle, did her daily routine of making lady ebony’s breakfast before she awakens from her slumber.”

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‘Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?’ by Shanie

“As the first ray of light danced upon the turbulent kingdom Hamalot, a chamber maid entered the ostentatious room of Lady Delighla Chamball James. Delighla was a dominant character with appalling lapis blue eyes and long brunette hair that covered up the secrets of her worst fears.

Throughout the wardrobe Delighla would passionately gossip about her fascinating looks to a mysterious mirror whilst maids would peep through the key hole of the closet giggling at Delighlas madness.”

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‘The Barons New Hair’ by Thomas                      

“As the first strand light floated onto the turbulent kingdom of Toron, the maids scuttled like rats. Whilst merlin- the Barons private servant – was dusting hi masters ostentatious chamber of his master, which was just one of the never ending tasks set. The baron was twisting and turning in his endless mattress. The man believed himself to be the most honourable man in existence however through merlin’s eyes he was another pride filled rotund dwarf.”

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