Keeping Children Safe

At Rickley Park Primary School, we regard the safeguarding of children as our main priority. We believe that we all have the right to be happy, to be safe and to learn. We all have the responsibility to make this happen.

We will ensure that:

  • The welfare of the child remains paramount.
  • All children whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious beliefs and/ or sexual identity have the right to be protected from harm.
  • All suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.
  • All staff and volunteers working at our school have a responsibility to report concerns to Mrs Avery (Designated Senior Person for Child Protection)

Areas of Safeguarding
Our safeguarding policies cover all areas of school life and include:

  • Staff & Visitors: Ensuring they are vetted, informed & trained.
  • Children’s Behaviour: Promoting safer & happier behaviours & lifestyles.
  • Parents & Carers: Promoting links & supporting families.
  • Premises: Keeping them safe, pleasant & fit for purpose.
  • Curriculum: Providing positive, life affirming learning experiences.
  • Outside School: Ensuring safer activities and environments outside school.

Safer Recruitment
We follow strict procedures to ensure that everyone who works with our children is vetted, keeping our children as safe as possible. Ongoing checks and ‘whistle-blowing’ are in line with current policy.

Staff Training
Staff are trained in child protection issues and they are aware of the procedures to follow. Staff are encouraged to be vigilant in order to maintain the safety of our children. All staff are expected to be familiar with following key documents: ‘GUIDANCE FOR SAFER WORKING PRACTICE FOR ADULTS WHO WORK WITH CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE 2015’ and ‘KEEPING CHILDREN SAFE IN EDUCATION 2016’.

Child Protection Policy
All staff have an up-to-date understanding of safeguarding children issues and are able to implement the safeguarding children policy and procedure appropriately. Policies are in line with current guidance and

Staff are able to respond appropriately to any:

  • significant changes in children's behaviour;
  • deterioration in their general well-being;
  • unexplained bruising, marks or signs of possible abuse;
  • signs of neglect;
  • comments children make which give cause for concern.

All staff are aware of the need to maintain privacy and confidentiality.

Information Sharing
We have an obligation to obtain necessary information from parents in advance of a child being admitted to school, including:

  • emergency contact numbers;
  • the child's special dietary requirements, preferences or food allergies the child may have;
  • the child's special health requirements;
  • information about who has legal contact with the child; and who has parental responsibility for the child.

Written parental permission is requested, at the time of the child's admission to the provision, to the seeking
of any necessary emergency medical advice or treatment in the future.


The Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead also meets with Young Ones (our external, on-site childcare provider) regularly to share information. 

Lockdown Procedures

As part of our safeguarding arrangements we have a plan for different scenarios. One such scenario is a “lockdown”. Lockdown procedures are important and would be used in response to an internal or external incident which could be a threat to the safety of staff and children in the school.  

Lockdown procedures may be activated in response to any number of situations, these may include:

  1. A warning being received regarding a local risk of air pollution (smoke plume, gas cloud etc.) 
  2. A major fire in the vicinity of the school 
  3. A reported incident, disturbance in the local community 
  4. An intruder or dangerous animal (e.g. a dog) on the site 

In the event of a lockdown parents will be notified by a text message (ParentMail) as soon as possible.

During a ‘lockdown’ our first priority will be the safety of the children and staff. We ask that you:

  • Do not contact the school. Calling the school could tie up telephone lines that are needed for contacting emergency providers.
  • Do not come to the school. You could interfere with emergency provider’s access to the school and may even put yourself and others in danger.
  • Wait for the school to contact you about when it is safe for you to come get their children, and where this will be from.

Pupils will not be released to parents under any circumstances during a ‘lockdown’ until it is deemed by the emergency services safe to do so.


Useful Documents / Links:

Link to Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Link to Keeping Children Safe in School Policy

Link to Volunteers Induction Guide

Link to E-Safety Policy 

Link to Safer Recruitment Policy

Online Safety Advice for Parents.pdf

Download a copy of DfE Working Together to Safeguard Children (March 2015)

Link to further information on Child Sexual Expolitation (CSE) (External Link)

Link to further information on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) (External Link)

Link to further information on the prevention of radicalisation (PREVENT) (External Link)

Link to further information about the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) (External Link)

Link to Keeping Children Safe in Education

Link to Milton Keynes Safeguarding Children Board (MKSCB) (External Link)

If parents wish to report a safeguarding issue confidentially or have any concerns - please email the designated safeguarding lead as detailed below.  

Designated Members of Staff:


Name: Glenn Booth

Senior designated safeguarding lead:                   Deputy designated safeguarding lead:

Name: Loraine Avery                                                  Name: Nicole Miller          

Members of safeguarding team:

Name: Glenn Booth                                                  Name: Gabriella Rossi (Learning Mentor)          

Designated e-safety lead:

Name: Kathryn Williams

Designated prevent lead:

Name: Loraine Avery

Designated Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and FGM lead:

Name: Loraine Avery

Designated CLA (Currently Looked After) lead:

Name: Emily Bull

Chair of Governing Body:                                         Designated Governor for safeguarding:

Name: Diane Farmer                                                  Name: Veronica Belcher

Contact details: via

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