We want our school to be open and welcoming to all who would like to support the children.

We also want to encourage parents and other adults to help the children and teachers in a variety of ways, however our overriding concern is for the safety of the children in our care.

We have a variety of adults working on the school premises at any one time.

  • We have full or part time staff employed by the school
  • Adult workers employed by other organisations such as:
    • peripatetic music teachers
    • students – teachers and work experience
    • LA visitors
    • grounds maintenance staff
    • contract workers
    • Cygnet catering staff

We also have volunteer helpers. The volunteer helpers can support the school in a number of ways, Including:

  1.  hearing children read
  2. helping support children on class trips
  3. helping with group work
  4. helping with practical subjects such as art, cookery, sewing and knitting and other  practical activities

Volunteer helpers are NOT allowed to take responsibility for all or some of the class, change young children or supervise them changing, supervise children with PE or other specialist activities, take children off site.


Signing in:

When helpers arrive in school they must sign in at reception and will be given a visitor badge. When they leave they must sign out and return the badge.

Deployment of Classroom helpers:

It is the policy of our school that parent helpers do not support in their child’s class as this can be distracting for the child.

Police Checks:

All helpers that regularly help in school will be asked to complete a CRB check. The Headteacher has the authority not to accept the help of volunteers if he believes it will not be in the best interest of the children.

Rickley Park Primary School encourages open communication between home and school and issues regular newsletters to parents, via their children, detailing events and particulars concerning school. These events are also communicated through Parent Mail and our school website.

We are always grateful to those parents who come in to school and help. Don’t be shy! If you have some spare time or a particular talent or area of expertise then we would love to hear from you. Currently parent helpers are involved supporting children with reading, cookery, sewing and knitting. So if you are free, even for an hour a week, come in and speak to Mrs Avery (Deputy Headteacher) she would love to hear from you.

Parents Association

We have a parents association, which is a charity fundraising committee run by parents with the help of some members of staff.

All parents automatically become a member of the Parents Association when their child starts school. The Parents Association arranges fun events for the children in the school, as well as raising valuable funds for the school which enables us to enrich the curriculum and provide additional resources for teaching. The parents association usually meet termly to discuss events.

Parent Partnerships

Information for parents: :The national directory of services aimed at parents latest and widest range of public service information from the UK government Lots of information about getting into learning Advice for parents of primary aged  children For all parents who want to help their child / children to learn

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