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Thank you to all those children who entered our amazing SPRING WRITING COMPETITION

Congratulations to Ariya in Year 2 who won the top prize of two ClubPlatinum tickets (1 adult and 1 child) to see MK Dons vs Brighton on Saturday 19th March 2016
An amazing top prize that included: a luxury three course meal, reserved luxury padded seats centrally located with the Director's Balcony on the halfway line, VIP car parking, complimentary match day programme and team sheet, access to 'Man of the Match' presentation and half time tea/coffee and biscuits. 
Based on the story "The Fox and the Star" by Coralie Bickford-Smith, Ariya innovated her own story called "The Tiger and his Stripes"...

"The Tiger and his Stripes"

Far, far away in Southern Asia, deep in the vast, baron and sweltering hot jungles of India, there once lived the most majestic cat (and the largest) of all its family, the Tiger. Tiger was still a small cub and his prowling and pouncing technique needed much more practice, however, his beautiful, camouflaged and stripy coat allowed him to get very close to his prey. Tiger loved his shiny, bright fur that blended into his surroundings. 

Tiger felt almost invisible because of his stripes. He moved with such grace and pride like no other animal in the jungle. He waited impatiently for his prey to pass, listening carefully and observing everything intently with his glittering, gleaming glowing feline eyes. He enjoyed lurking in the shadows, creeping up on his prey, deadly and silently killing them with one single swipe. 

Tiger felt compeltely ecstatic after an ambush and a successful kill (even though he had only killed a tiny mouse). He was on top of the world AND the top of the food chain. He thought he was the most fearsome and terrifying tiger cub in all the world.

But one evening, something strange and peculiar happened to Tiger..."

If you would like to see what happened to Tiger - you can download the whole of Ariya's story here

We also had the following Year Group Winners - who all recieved a book token to spend on a book of their choice.  Our Year Group winners were:
  • Lizzy Howard - Year 1
  • Chloe F - Year 2
  • Joshua L - Year 3
  • Gabriel G - Year 4
  • Fathima R - Year 5
  • Caitlin T - Year 6

If you missed out, or would like to download any of the resources that were available, please click on any of the downloadable links below: 

Downloadable copy of the Text

Downloadable copy of the Text Map

Downloadable copy of the Year 1 and 2 Feature Finding Sheet

Downloadable copy of the Year 1 and 2 Parent's Guide

Downloadable copy of the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 Feature Finding Sheet

Downloadable copy of the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 ​Parent's Guide

Downloadable copy of the Story Structure Sheet (The same for all year groups) 

Downloadable Key Stage 1 Handwriting Paper

Downloadable Key Stage 2 Handwriting Paper