Supporting Handwriting

“Handwriting is a skill which, like reading and spelling, affects written communication across the curriculum. Given effective teaching, handwriting can be mastered by most pupils by the time they are seven or eight years old enabling them, with practice, to go on to develop a faster and more mature hand ready for secondary school and adult life.”

Suzanne Tiburtius of the National Handwriting Association

Teaching Handwriting @ Rickley Park

Handwriting is taught regularly through short, focused sessions and may be linked with spelling, grammar or phonics objectives. In January 2016, we introduced the Rickley Park Handwriting Progression Ladder (developed from the PenPals Handwriting Scheme which the school has purchased). 

Please click here to download the Rickley Park Handwriting Progression Ladder

This means that the class teacher is able to assess an individual pupil's handwriting and decide at which point on the progression ladder the teaching needs to be targeted at. This ensures that the teaching and learning is based on pupil’s developmental stage rather than the pupil’s age. 

From Janurary 2016, to support the development of handwriting, the school uses tramlines in Handwriting and English books, as well flipchart pads and interactive whiteboard backgrounds. 

This is an example of the tramlines that we use: 

Click here to download an A4 sheet of Key Stage 1 Handwriting paper

Click here to download an A4 sheet of Key Stage 2 Handwriting paper

Letter Formation @ Rickley Park

Fluent, neat and joined handwriting relies on letters being formed in the correct way and from the correct starting point. At Rickley Park we ensure that children are all taught this consistently.

The image below shows where each letter should start and the direction of the letter writing. This image can be saved and used at home.  To do this simply right click and 'save as'. The downloaded image is of a higher quality than this image and can be printed on A4. 

Mnemonics to Support Handwriting (Read, Write Inc)

From the Early Years we use the Read, Write Inc. mnemonics to reinforce the correct letter formation with the children.  We still use these with the older children (currently up to Year 3) to remind them of the correct letter formation.

We ask that parents support these little phrases at home too! 

Round the apple, down the leaf
Down the laces to the heel, round the toe
Curl around the caterpillar
Round his bottom, up his tall neck, down to his feet
Lift off the top and scoop out the egg
Down the stem and draw the leaves
Round her face, down her hair and give her a curl
Down the head to the hooves and over his back
Down the body, dot for the head
Down his body, curl and dot
Down the kangaroo’s body, tail and leg
Down the long leg
Maisey, mountain mountain
Down Nobby and over his net
All around the orange
Down the plait and over the pirates face
Round her head, up past her earrings and down her hair
Down his back, then curl over his arm
Slither down the snake
Down the tower, across the tower
Down and under, up to the top and draw the puddle
Down a wing, up a wing
Down, up, down, up
Down the arm and leg and repeat the other side
Down a horn up a horn and under his head


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